You’ve been served!

I’m a competitive person and I like to win! There is something inside of me that loves to come in first. When I’m playing a board game, this drive serves me well but in life… the desire to be first can be a stumbling block to having the heart of a servant and to walking in humility.

When I open the Word and read Luke 22, I find I’m not alone in the struggle. Jesus and his disciples were sitting around the table in the upper room celebrating their last Passover together (also known as the Last Supper). The disciples began to argue AGAIN over which one of them was the greatest.

Isn’t it ironic they sat feet or maybe inches from the Son of God and argued their own worth! They sat next to Perfection and were debating over which of them was essentially the least imperfect!

I say ‘Wow!’ at them then I’m immediately convicted because of the posturing that occurs within churches today. Don’t we all love to be considered better than those around us no matter the setting? Or maybe it’s just me! The struggle between pride and humility is real and on going in my life!

Back to Luke-

Aware of the dispute going on, Jesus spoke up and in his words I find a message that resounds in my heart today-

“For who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is at the table? But I am among you as one who serves.” Luke 22:27

Jesus served others and he served us. Check out some of what he served-

Jesus served up a new way of thinking that was upside-down and inside out. He taught us that God desires humility more than pride. He taught us that having our hearts and thoughts focused on God are more important than following religious rituals and rules.

Jesus served as the definition of love. His outreached hand to the broken, his heart for humanity, and his willingness to give all even until death serve as the basis for what love truly is.

Jesus served as the ultimate sacrifice- the Perfect and Holy Lamb. Because of Jesus’ actions, I am reconciled to the God who created me and who loves me. I don’t have to be separated from Love for all eternity! Neither do you!

Yes, Jesus moved around us as one who serves.


Lord, I want a heart like Jesus! I want a heart that desires to serve others not a heart that beats for first place. Help me to be the love of Jesus to others! Help me to be more focused on pleasing you than on checking off religious rules. Help me to be changed because of the sacrifice of Jesus. May I be one who is more focused on serving than being served. Amen!


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