a worship ready heart

Tonight it begins and I’m so excited! The ‘it’ is a new women’s Bible study on the Book of James. O, how I love gathering with other women to dive deeply into the Word. Nights like tonight go right along with David’s words when he said-

“I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’” Psalm 122:1

I’m rejoicing because I’ve gathered the materials, publicized the study, and prayed for our group. With the preparation comes a heart rejoicing that church time nears.

I must confess though that I don’t always feel such excitement. With years has come wisdom and a startling conclusion, my excitement has little to do with the preacher’s sermons, the music style, or even who attends but rather from how I’ve prepared my heart to hear from God. Do I go prayed up? Do I go with a worship tank already full? Do I go to get a blessing or to be a one?

I want David’s attitude about going to church but am I willing to prepare my heart to get one? As I started writing, I first thought these words a better fit for a Sunday morning than the middle of the week. Then it hit me! Right now on a work day mid-week is when I prepare my heart for Sunday’s worship service. The question is: how are the preparations coming along?

Lord, to be a blessing, to be worship ready, and have David’s attitude, I must prepare now, midweek. Teach me your truths. Work in my heart. May your praise overflow my lips this day to prepare my heart for corporate worship on Sunday. Amen


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