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When we first moved to the Bardstown area and I began commuting to the University of Louisville, I-65 was under some major construction efforts that made my commute difficult at times.  When we moved the next year to Shelbyville and I began commuting along I-64, the construction moved from 65 to 64…. O, the joys of commuting in the city!  Some road was always under construction!  Feels like my Christian life!

I had one of those moments yesterday when I looked at myself and realized that my attitude & the way I was looking at a particular situation was not pleasing to God.  While I don’t enjoy the process of correction (at all), I know God is trying to sand out the rough spots in my life to make me more Christ-like.  Yesterday, God worked through one of the tools he commonly uses in my life- my husband.  I made a rather judgmental statement and Gary came back to ask a question using my own words.  Well, I didn’t mean it like that but he said I used such and such words… But I didn’t mean it that way… or did I?  So I stopped to examine my heart and my thoughts and realized I was too harsh and not loving at all. 

What an impact his questions made on me for this next morning I’m still pondering my words and thoughts.  O, God, I don’t know why you put up with this messed up woman!  O, wait, yes I do… it is because of your infinite love for me.  It’s WHY you love me so that I don’t understand.  Lord, you have shown me a part of me that needs spiritual reconstruction.  So, Lord, I ask you to draw up the plans and be at work rebuilding me from the inside out through the work of your Spirit. 

Let me back up a minute to earlier in the day Sunday… We had an awesome worship service.  The Spirit of God was so strong in that place that my heart was soaring in his Presence.  Later in the same day was when those words came out of my mouth and I realized how wrong I was.  Now, the devil would have me (and you) believe that I am too flawed and beyond repair but I’m not buying his lies!  He would love nothing more than to bring us down and then kick us while we are low but I refuse to give him to opportunity!  Why do I feel such hope even in my imperfections?  I am hopeful even in my flaws because I know God will help me change.  I can look back and see how much the Spirit has already done in me and know I have hope for a brighter future.  There is an old Southern gospel song I heard years ago that comes to mind.  I don’t remember the group or the exact words but it said something about how I’m not what I want to be but thank God, I’m not what I used to be.  I am a work in progress.  You are a work in progress.  Yes, we could get down at set-backs and areas where we want to be stronger Christians but I refuse to let the devil win even a small battle.  The Spirit is the ultimate go-to ‘guy’ in make-overs… better than the best on HGTV! 

Seems appropriate to come across this verse this morning…

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”  1 Peter 4:8

Maybe others won’t see the connection of this verse to these thoughts this morning but I do because of what God is trying to teach me.  So, thank you, Lord, for challenging me!  Thank you for never giving up!  Thank you for changing me from the inside out… over and over and over again!  Amen!

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