With every breath

A few days ago my heart was burdened by something out of my control so I decided to test out some words I read in Habakkuk 3. I told God I didn’t understand his plan but would praise Him anyway. An amazing transformation occurred within moments. The burden became lighter and my attitude overflowed with joy.

As I finished up the book of Psalms this morning, I noticed a recurring word over and over. I dug in a bit more and noticed the last 6 chapters of Psalms have ‘praise’ as their theme. Then I started counting. In my 1984-NIV version I counted ‘praise’ about 47 times. Praise Him for creation. Praise Him for provision. Praise Him for his deeds. Over and over and over- praise, praise, praise!

Praise isn’t just for Sunday morning or when life is at it’s best. Perhaps praise is even more powerful in our lives when the sky is black and the winds howl trying to beat us down and yet we praise God anyway.

As we all head out to start a new workweek, we will face problems and challenges. Let us take the last verse of Psalms and make it our theme this week-

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6

How about starting now?

Lord, may your praise ever be on my lips and in my heart regardless of what is going on around and inside of me. You are worthy of all praise, all the time! May your joy bubble up within me regardless of the circumstances. Amen

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