Wise like Abigail

His name meant ‘fool’ and he certainly lived up to it! David and his men stayed in the deserts of Israel and no matter where they were they looked after the people around them.

Such was the case in 1 Samuel 25. As a grateful and courteous response for their help, David sent men to Nabal during the sheep shearing time expecting him to give whatever gift he wanted- food, wine, etc. The wicked Nabal acted foolishly and sent the men away with harsh words.

David was so offended by the man he gathered 400 of his men; they strapped on their swords, and headed for Nabal’s household intending to take the life of every male there.

That is until wisdom walked onto the scene.

Her name was Abigail and she was the wife of Nabal. When she heard the news of Nabal’s response, Abigail acted quickly. She loaded donkeys down with bread, wine, and a variety of other foods then road out to meet David before he could attack.

I would be impressed by this act of courage in our day so I’m totally blown away by this woman because she acted so boldly in her time where gender roles were so well defined. What courage she displayed!

When she met up with David, Abigail not only gave gifts she spoke such words of wisdom that David to reconsidered his plan and eventually relented in his pursuit of Nabal and the males in his household.

My take away from this story is that I want to be more like Abigail. I want the courage to boldly step up to right wrongs. I want godly wisdom to assess situations and know the best route to peace. I want to use the resources available to me wisely to make the world a better place, usher in peace, and glorify God.


Lord, work in me today. Give me wisdom. Flood me with your presence and peace that I might act wisely in diffusing situations and bringing you glory. Abigail is a great example… but the ultimate example I want to emulate is Jesus! Make me more Christ-like today! Amen!


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