A more hardheaded child may never exist to rival our second child when he was a toddler. I remember well his second birthday party with grandparents gathered around the backyard while our son refused to open his gifts. He wanted to do things on his timeline, like always. Though disciplined over and over and over, our son still fought to have his way. It’s a wonder our middle child has a younger sibling!

Despite the struggle that boy still holds my heart in his hands and I love him unconditionally. O how he blesses this Mom when he hugs me tight, goes to the movies with me, or calls me up to talk even if it is brief.

Through parenting I’ve grown to better understand God’s love for me. Like our toddler, I love to live life my way and on my timeline. Many have been the lessons God has taught me about seeking his plans, ways, and timing.

As a Mom, I love getting the ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and ‘Happy Birthday’ calls but my favorites are sprinkled throughout the year that are ‘just because’ calls.

I know God loves to hear the praise of his children. Many of us gather on Sunday’s to worship, and we should. But I wonder if we sometimes follow through out of just a bit of obligation or habit instead of pure want to. A verse in Psalms has me paused this morning-

“Accept, O Lord, the willing praise of my mouth, teach me your laws.” Psalm 119:108

Is my praise ‘willing’? The word means to “be inclined or favorably disposed in mind” [Merriam-Webster app]. Am I inclined to praise God? Am I favorably disposed to lift Him up with a willing heart?

Lord, you are great and greatly to be praised. Build in my heart a love that overflows in willing praise not because I should but because I desire to! You are my King and I want your praise ever on my lips and in my heart! Amen!

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