Will we pass the tests?

pass test

Two men. Two tests of character. Two different results.

The Hebrews grew impatient over Moses’ long stay up on Mt. Sinai (40 days) so they decided to write him off as dead. In so doing, they were also making the decision to write off God as they asked Aaron to make them gods to worship.

First man up: Aaron, Moses’ older brother

The Test: Would he help the people stay focused on God or would he cave to their pressures to build an idol?

Test Results: Big Fat F!

No evidence is given that he even tried to reason with them. He just asked for their golden earrings, cast a golden calf, and fashioned it with a tool. He lost even more points on his test later when he was questioned by Moses and said-

“They gave me their gold and I threw it into the fire and out came this calf.” Exodus 32:24

If I were his teacher, I would have given him a zero, a code of conduct write-up for lying, and no second chances. Isn’t it great that I’m not THE Teacher because God ended up not only forgiving him but making him the first High Priest? Wow! Even when we fail a test, God isn’t done with us! He never gives up on us or throws us out! Blessed indeed!

On to the second test of character-

Next man up: Moses

The test: Stand up for the people he was leading or take the appealing option God offered- destroy the Hebrews and make a great nation out of Moses.

Test Results: A Plus!

Moses sought the favor of God for the Hebrews, he reminded God of his promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, and he asked what the Egyptians would say if God led his people out just to destroy them. Moses chose to stand up for his rebellious people and fight for their lives rather than chose pride & a nation built from him.

Then God relented and didn’t destroy his people.

Two leaders. Two tests of character. Two very different results. Lord, I know you send tests our way to make us stronger and to refine our faith. It is my desire to pass the tests as Moses did. Help me, Jesus, to choose well, to stand in faith, and to grow closer to you with each test. Amen!

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