White as Snow

I’ve got white shirts, white socks, and white plates.  Yet no matter how white those things appear to be, nothing compares to the blinding white of sunshine striking a field of snow. Last night saw about 5 inches or so of snow blanket our home.  My students have known quite a few snow days this year but most have come from slick road conditions but today they can actually get out to sled and build snowmen. Yeah for them! 

As I look out over this brightness, I’m reminded of a verse from Isaiah. The book opens with details on how Israel had turned their backs on God and his ways. But God told them through Isaiah that all was not lost. 
Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow. Though they are red as crimson, they shall like wool. ” -Isaiah 1:18
Only a God as great as my God can transform my sins and mistakes into something so clean and pure.  Lord, thank you for the beauty I’m surrounded by that reminds me of just how great you are not just as a Creator God but also as a Redeemer God who washes me to be as pure and white as snow. 

Lord, I want to start this day praising your name. You alone are worthy!!  Only you can make me clean!!  Only the blood of Jesus can redeem this sinner!!  O how my heart flows with love for my Savior!!  May this snow draw the hearts and minds of the people across the land to you as they see the beauty before them. Amen. 

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