What kind of leader?

leadershipTalk about a tear jerker! This morning, I came across a commercial for Mother’s Day by Teleflora (search for it online but gather the Kleenex first!). A line from the commercial came back to me when I was reading about the golden calf fiasco… let me try to make the connection.

In the commercial, Ryan was thanking his mom for all she had done, for the sacrifices made, and for the values she instilled in him. He said he was a navy commander today because of her. His job though made it difficult for them to see each other often and was going to get even harder because of what she had always told him- “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.”

Maybe seeing a connection to Exodus 32 is a stretch but let me go with it a minute. With leadership comes responsibility. Verses in the NT tell us that preachers, teachers, & people in authority will be held to a higher standard. So what kind of job am I doing? What kind of job was Aaron doing? Moses said to him at the golden calf scene-

“What did these people do to you, that you led them into such great sin?” Exodus 32:21

The thing is if we go back to the beginning of chapter 32 we will find that it wasn’t Aaron’s idea but the wishes of the people. However, Aaron was left in charge as their leader and rather than try to guide them in the right direction he asked for their gold and went straight to work on the calf. Aaron really fell short in his leadership role.

We are all leaders. We don’t have to be the preacher or a Sunday School teacher to be a leader. We as Christians are all leaders… all models of what a Christian is supposed to be… but what kind of leaders and models are we being? Are we the kind of leaders that get handed more to do because we have held strong to what we have been called to do or like Aaron have we caved at the slightest pressure?

This navy commander & Aaron have me stopping this morning to think about what kind of leader I am being for Christ… Lord, help me to be the leader you want me to be… Help me to stay strong to the truths you value… even if the crowds around me are trying to pull me in the wrong direction. Help to guide others to see you more clearly… May your name be glorified through my life today!  Amen!

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