What I desire most for my children…

childrenThree of my greatest blessings from God call me ‘Mom’. Though I’m far from perfect in my parenting skills, I have with God’s help been giving them my best efforts for nearly 26 years. My children have brought me great joy and have also broken my heart at times yet no matter what they do or don’t do, I will ALWAYS love them. In fact, this role I play as mother has taught me more about God’s unfailing love than any other road he has put me on.

With Mother’s Day still on my mind, I want to share a quote I came across on Twitter last week. It may not sound like it connects to mothers but to me it fits perfectly…

“Religious people find God useful. Christians find God beautiful.” – Timothy Keller

For nearly 26 years, I’ve been teaching my children about Jesus- how he loves them, has plans for them, and about the salvation he offers to every heart. I once heard a Christian speaker admit he had a ‘drug’ problem when he was younger… his parents ‘drug’ him to church on Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. My children have had the same ‘drug’ problem… worship services, revival, youth group, youth conferences, VBS, etc.

As my mind went back to Keller’s quote yesterday, I thought of my desires for my children. All of the teachings and lessons about God that I’ve offered them through the years were not so they could just go to God when he could be useful to them- pass a test, snag a cute girlfriend, healing, help, or for that free ticket to heaven. I want them to see God as BEAUTIFUL! My life has been filled with such hope, peace, and joy because of the way my sweet Jesus has walked with me… not because I jump through religious hoops but because we love each other- Jesus & me! If God stopped his blessings and provisions at this moment, he would still be beautiful and worthy of all my worship just because of who he is.

So what is my greatest desire for my children? Not success… not wealth… not popularity… not that their lives will be all easy… but that they fall in love… I’m not talking about with their mate though I pray God send the right ones into their lives at just the right moment… My greatest desire is that my children fall in love with Jesus and look upon God and truly see his beauty!

Father, grant this prayer I pray. Amen!

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