What breaks your heart?

Tears have flown freely for 2 dear friends who lost their dad Saturday. Though I haven’t walked that road, my heart breaks for what they are dealing with. In response, I’ve prayed for them, visited, and tried to be there for them.

As we look around, we see many facing trials, some of their own making and some through no fault of their own.

The question for today is this: what breaks my heart and how am I responding?

Today I began reading Nehemiah. What a wonderful example of leadership and godly character this man shows. In chapter 1, Nehemiah’s heart was broken causing him to take action. Let’s see what we can learn from him.

Nehemiah was a Jew in Susa (Persia) who personally served King Artaxerxes as his cupbearer. When a group of men came to Susa from Israel, Nehemiah inquired about the Jewish remnant and Jerusalem. He was told the people who survived the exile were in great trouble and disgrace because the walls of Jerusalem were broken down and the gates burned.

I love how God works through the hearts of his people placing in each one different gifts and burdens that complement each other to accomplish his will. On Ezra, God placed a burden for seeing the Jews live according to His commands. On Nehemiah God placed a burden to see the walls restored. One might think one burden was more important or godly but that would be mistaken. Through the rebuilding of the walls God provided protection and security for his struggling people. Through each man, God worked for the good of his people.

From Nehemiah’s own reflection after hearing the news-

“I sat down and wept. For some days I mourned and fasted and prayed before the God of heaven.” Nehemiah 1:4

With a heavy heart, Nehemiah sought God and began forming a plan to help, more on the plan later.

God still moves through his people by touching and burdening hearts for what touches his. Some are heartbroken by abortion and have a heart for those touched by it. Some have a heart for the elderly, for children, for the sick, for teens. Through these burdens God can lead us to be medical professionals, teachers, foster parents, volunteers at pregnancy centers, youth workers, etc. If we let him…

From Nehemiah we should walk away asking, what breaks my heart? Others may be touched by something as well but for me it breaks my heart in a way others don’t seem to feel. Once we find it we must ask- how am I responding?

Lord, break my heart for what breaks your heart. I know you don’t intend for me to work in every type of hurt but you have designed me to make a difference and you burden me for the work you have for me. Open my eyes to how you want to use me to make a difference. Move my heart, Lord. Amen

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