Walking path

Let’s be honest, walking with Christ and really living the Christian life is hard. I mean think about it- forgiving others even when they aren’t sorry, loving others… like in ‘every’ one not just those we like, and trusting God has a plan when we can’t see things ever working out. Living according to worldly standards would be so much easier- watch out for self-first, do what we want, hold grudges if so inclined. Yet that would mean ignoring the fact that God loves me, that Jesus died for me, and that the Holy Spirit dwells within me. Walking the Christian path is challenging but so very rewarding as I feel wrapped in the Father’s love, find purpose, and know the peace of mind this world simply can’t offer.

So even though walking the Christian path isn’t easy, it doesn’t mean our trials are punishments. Sure, sometimes we make poor choices that lead to consequences but I’m not talking about that today but the times we are walking with and seeking him and things still run amuck. Why? Let’s look in Exodus-

Moses led the people of Israel away from the Red Sea and into the desert. For 3 days they went without water and when they finally found some it was undrinkable. As the people grumbled, Moses called out to God who showed him a piece of wood to put into the water to make it sweet. There for the first time God declared himself “Jehovah Rapha”- the God who heals you.

The point: the people were literally walking with God yet still ran into a trial. However, God didn’t lead them that direction to punish them but to teach them more of his character- he was their Jehovah Rapha! Note also the blessings that came after the lesson as they neared an oasis of 12 springs and 70 palm trees!

How do we view our trials today? Do we view them as lesson in disguise from God? Just as the Israelites experienced so we too can expect to go through trials even as we walk with God. The question is whether we will just grumble our way through or seek the lesson intended to help us grow and bring blessings…

Got to be honest, I sometimes look at situations and ask myself what I did wrong or how I could have done better… instead, could this have been God’s plan to teach me to trust Him more while developing faith in another?

Lord, give me a heart that not only seeks you but that is quick to learn all you are trying to teach me. I want to grow more Christ-like! I want my life to bring you glory! Help me, Jesus! Amen!path

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