walking in humility

I can multitask… at least that’s what I tell Gary! My favorite multitask moment comes in the morning when I can spend the first 5-8 minutes of drying my hair while reading my kindle. Yes, I know that’s impressive… also the reason I needed to write this blog and pray today!

Currently, I’m making my way through “The End of Me” by Kyle Idleman. Great book- highly recommend! The last few days have focused on the dangers of pride and learning to become humble. God knew I needed this for I struggle with these issues. Left unchecked my pride grows and my humility level drops. Yet Jesus was just the opposite as he humbled himself when he left heaven to become a man then humbled himself more on the road to the cross.

For me the struggle between pride and humility is real but since my desire is to be more Christ-like, I want to tip the balance in favor of humility. Kyle offers me suggestions on how to begin humbling myself so Lord, please help guide me in this!

Interestingly enough, I opened my Bible some thirty minutes after closing my kindle and read of a very humbling experience David went through. Of greatest interest is David’s reaction.

Absalom, David’s son, went to Hebron with his followers and declared himself king. As the rebellion started, David through it best to flee Jerusalem with his remaining family, his household, and some of his followers.

Talk about a humbling walk! The king of Israel was running for his life rather than face his son in a battle over the throne. His king’s heart may have been filled with anger but I believe his father’s heart was hurt and aching over this son he dearly loved rising up to challenge his leadership.

Added to this already difficult and emotional journey was Shimei.

Shimei was a Benjamite related to Saul. As David and his entourage passed, Shimei threw stones, cursed David, and yelled out-

“Get out, get out, you man of blood, you scoundrel! The Lord has repaid you for all the blood you shed in the household of Saul, in whose place you have reigned.” 2 Samuel 16: 7-8

One of David’s men asked permission of the king to go cut off Shimei’s head. David’s reaction is curious and shows a heart of humility. He responded that his own son was tying to take his life so how much more this Benjamite.

Let’s stop a minute and backtrack. The hateful words Shimei threw down to curse David weren’t even true! David refused to lay a hand on Saul because he was the Lord’s anointed. In fact, the man who delivered the news of Saul’s death to David bragged about how he killed Saul. David’s reaction to this man’s proclamation was to order the man’s death for killing God’s king.

My take away… I don’t like it when people criticize me. My first inclination is to defend myself… even if I was in the wrong because I want try to make myself look better than I should.

David didn’t respond… at all. Even though the criticism Shimei leveled at him wasn’t even true, he walked on deciding instead to let God act on his behalf.

This story only confirms that I have a pride problem. Even criticism based on facts raises my ire and defenses. Outrage would probably be a better description of my emotions when the criticism is unwarranted.


Lord, I want to walk in humility like Jesus did because I know you value the humble heart… but I need help! Teach me how to humble myself in service to others, in thinking of others before myself, and help me avoid fueling my pride. Amen!


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