Walking on in faith

Are you serious?  Go to him?  Open myself up to the very real possibility of imprisonment or death?  Lord, surely a mistake has been made.  You don’t really mean for me to go to Saul, right God?  Yet God reassured Ananias that he had a plan for Saul that included a touch by Ananias.

Three things I love about this story in Acts 9 when God called out to Saul/Paul on the road to Damascus-

  • Ananias felt he could question God
  • God listened then replied though he owed Ananias nothing.  Of course, God still told him to go anyway
  • (my favorite part) When Ananias greeted the man of whom so much negative had been spoken, he called him ‘Brother Saul’ (Acts 9:17)

Ananias didn’t understand God’s plan, he questioned it, but then not only did he walk the path before him, he embraced it.  Now that is what I call walking on in faith!

Lord, thank you for being so patient with me especially when I question so many things.  Thank you for keeping me on the path that will make me stronger in you even when I don’t like it or understand it!  Help me, God, to walk on in fatih embracing your plans for my life and for my loved ones even when I don’t understand them, even when I hurt, and even when I don’t know if I can take another step.  May I be more like Ananias and go forth boldly to do your bidding with a great attitude.  Amen!image

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