Reassurance in the waiting

“Joseph waited 13 years. Abraham waited 25 years. Moses waited 40 years. Jesus waited 30 years. If God is making you wait, you’re in good company.” – Pinterest

Today though I’m thinking about David. From his first anointing by Samuel until he took the throne, David waited some 15 years. While reading 1 Samuel 19 & 20, I tried to frame in my mind David’s situation in those moments. David had defeated Goliath, married Saul’s daughter, and known great success serving as one of the leaders in Saul’s army. And he was the target for Saul’s intense jealousy.

During one of Saul’s fits of rage, he hurled a spear at David who was playing the harp for him at the time. After this David took off and went to Ramah to find Samuel.

I wonder why… Not why he ran for it is clear he was running to save his life. But why Ramah? Why Samuel?

This is speculation on my part but I’ll throw it out anyway. Perhaps David needed to be reassured by Samuel that he had not misunderstood God. Not only had he waited some time already to become king, he was also dealing with the current king who wanted him dead- like immediately!

I think David needed the confirmation from Samuel that he was on the right path, that God would hold to his word that he would one day be king, and that he needed to keep walking in God’s ways as he waited.

I wonder how many people out there today need the same confirmation. Has God called you to something but you are still waiting? I feel you! I feel where David was at for I too wait.

I believe God has set me on a path and revealed a glimpse of the destination. Yet after early progress moving forward in that direction it feels like my car has stalled. I don’t feel like I’m moving so the questions come… Did I misunderstand you, Lord? Am I supposed to be doing something to force the situation to move forward? Is that still your plan or have you changed your mind and I didn’t discern it?

Then I’ll read of stories like David’s and Moses’ where God told them their job but had them wait years so he could prepare them. Or I’ll read a book and feel a passage overwhelm me with confirmation to keep waiting while he prepares me. Currently God is really challenging me through Beth Moore’s book Jesus the One and Only. Then I remember that God’s timeline is not my timeline and that he has purpose in the waiting.

So for those who have felt a calling from God but are waiting and questioning… hold on! Keep walking in the direction of your calling. God will open the door when He has you prepared for the next step and when the timing is right!


Lord, thank you for the reminder this morning that you are at work even when I am waiting. After David left Samuel, he still waited several years before he wore a crown but you were with him every step of the way preparing him and the path before him. Whatever you will for my life is, I want it to happen! If it takes years of preparation, then so be it. However, I will confess that just like David, I may need to come back to you a few times along the way so you can reassure me that I’m on the right path. Thank you for your patience with me!   Love, Waiting in Sebree!

waiting still

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