Vacation & Church

We just returned yesterday afternoon from a camping vacation down on Lake Barkley.  Had a great time!  Several hours floating near the edge while reading Ted Dekker’s Burn (interesting book).  A few hours in a pontoon.  Patti’s.  Time with family.   The boys and I even took in a drive-in Saturday night.  Good times and memories!  (just missed having Jerad, Rachel, & Bryan around).
A few years ago, when we went on vacation I guess you would say we also took a vacation from church.  That sounds so bad when I read over the line but what else can I say.  We never thought about it much.  I can’t remember what it was that made us change that habit but I am so glad we did.  What a blessing!  We’ve been to church services on the beach, church services held on campgrounds plus a variety of other locations and denominations.  So yesterday morning, we decided to visit a small Methodist church near the campground.  The size and interior really reminded me of the church my mother grew up in.  The people were very friendly and the message was moving. What a sweet time.  I am just so amazed that as Christians we can fellowship with other believers we have never met and still feel a connection.
I certainly don’t share all of this to brag- to say I’m better or more holy that anyone else!  In fact, I had to confess before I could share what we now do.  No, I share our experiences to first, praise the Lord for his Sweet Presence throughout the churches around the world, and second, to encourage others to try this.  Attending a worship service with strangers has become a part of vacation that I look forward to and I’m always blessed.  In Psalm 34:3, David said-
“Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together.” 
What a blessing to glorify the Lord with strangers.  Thank you, Lord, for being the tie that binds us together!

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