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All week long, I’ve been reading the short morning devos on the first5 app- what a blessing! This morn, the app has a video called the “Weekend Wrap-up”- more blessings! (btw- highly recommend downloading it or going to to check it out!)

As I knelt to pray and praise my Father, I felt so surrounded and flooded by his love! What a wonderful way to begin my weekend! But God wasn’t done!

I opened the Bible to Deuteronomy and God drew me to the truths of his Word-

“You are children of the Lord your God… Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the Lord has chosen you to be his treasured creation.” Deuteronomy 14: 1-2

I struggle to write these words… how do I accurately convey on paper the way I feel right now? I feel wrapped in his embrace. I hear him whisper to my heart- ‘You are my treasured creation and I love you’. I hear him say- ‘Because I love you, those people and situations you are praying for are important to me too. They are also my treasured creations!’

So are you! Who ‘you’? Anyone stopping by to read this blog and all those who don’t! God lovingly created us all! We have been in his heart and in his mind since before the world was created and all these years, he has waited for just the right moment for our birth!   Yes, you were planned- by God! Maybe your parents called you an accident or mistake- but God has planned for your birth for centuries! You are his treasured creation! He loves you and wants to hold you in his loving embrace just like he did me this morning! Pray with me-

Lord, thank you for your love! I don’t know what you see in me but thank you for choosing me! That you consider me a treasured creation blows my mind so help me to know this truth deep in my heart- even when others reject me, even when those who were supposed to love me didn’t, and even when I don’t feel loved or treasured…you love me. Though I don’t understand it, I chose to believe your Word that says you love me and I love you for it! Sink your truths deep into my heart! Amen!

young woman lonely in thought

young woman lonely in thought

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