The conclusion

Valentine’s Day quickly approaches and with it the scramble of many to find a way to demonstrate love for their sweetheart. The thought is all well and good but rather than one grand gesture I prefer the many ways my husband shows his love daily- the hello & goodbye kisses, the many fine meals ready when I get home from work, and his listening ear when I need to talk. (Yes, I know I am very blessed!)

As I finish Ecclesiastes this morning, I am reminded God feels the same way about our love. Walking with God is more than a grand gesture every now again like being baptized or showing up for church on Christmas and Easter. God desires more than our declaration of belief in Him. Walking with Him means our faith translates into action. Long before Paul and James wrote of faith by grace demonstrated through our good works, Solomon wrote-

“Here is the conclusion on the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.” Ecclesiastes 12:13

Notice the conjunction ‘and’ joining the 2 parts in the sentence? To fear God is to reverence his name, to believe in Him. To keep his commandments is to put legs on that belief.

I know my husband loves me not just because he says the words but also because he demonstrates his love in a multitude of ways. The same goes the other way too. I don’t just tell him I love him but demonstrate love by my actions.

To say I love God but not seek to follow his ways and commands falls short of walking with Him. The Word gives us many ways to show our love for God through our actions. A few examples are to love others, care for the poor, and to give back to God financially.

Lord, I want my love for you to be evident not just in my words but also by my deeds. Help me to be more intentional in loving you through my actions. Amen

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