A waffle topped with a mound of fresh whipped cream, pineapple and mac nuts was my order for our first breakfast in Hawaii. My taste buds eagerly awaiting the order went into overdrive when I discovered the coconut syrup on the table. I quickly snapped pictures to post on social media then sat back to watch this fantastic looking meal.


With fork in hand and coconut syrup flowing down the waffle, I with gusto dug into one of the best meals I’ve ever known!

If I had only taken pictures and gazed upon the waffle my taste buds would not have known such amazing joy.

David’s words in Psalm 34 remind me of this truth as it relates to God. Too many study Christianity from an academic perspective, they read, observe Christians, and view from the outside. When times get hard, too many turn away. Yet David wrote-

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8

One doesn’t taste food by looking at it or posting pics on social media but through taking a bite and experiencing the flavors. The same is true with knowing the goodness of the Lord. We must take Him in and experience God, walk with him and trust him to come to know how good God is.

I’ll take it a step farther. Walking though the darkest valleys where I’ve had no other choice but either walk away or walk on in faith are when I’ve been most overwhelmed by how good God is. When my circumstances are less than ideal is when I have truly tasted and seen the goodness of the Lord.

Today, no matter what we face, may we trust God and move onward in faith, even when forward is in the dark. Let us come into greater intimacy with God, let us ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’! Amen

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