talking to myself

When the muscles across my forehead tighten and grumbling best describes my attitude, I know I’m in a bad mood. A long running litany of complaints consumes my thoughts and at times nearly come out my mouth. Thank goodness wisdom often intercedes as I talk myself down by remembering my blessings and how I’m not really as upset as I feel, that tiredness or hormones are trying to run the show instead of good sense.

The author of Psalm 42 seems to understand my self-talks. I’ve read the passage before but not thought much of the self talk until I listened to Mark Hall of Casting Crowns speak about their song ‘O my soul’. Mark wrote the lyrics on the day he received his cancer diagnosis drawing on the words of Psalm 42:5

“Why are you so downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.”

Then it seems the author is much like me, not always open to listening to good and godly counsel so he repeated himself. Verse 11 is an exact duplicate of verse 5.

I love the godly counsel I glean from these verses. Sometimes we all get down, in a bad mood, feeling hopeless. In those moments we find the opportunity to step back and remind ourselves to put our hope in God for we will yet praise Him again! The road ahead may be steep, the climb difficult, and the journey more challenging than anything we ever wanted to face… BUT we are not without hope! Sometimes we just have a little self-help talk with ourselves and remember to put our hope in God, praise is coming! In fact, the praise can start now!

Lord, I praise your holy name! Even when I struggle with the journey, you are there! I don’t need to be downcast for you are my God and my hope! Be my strength and my light! Walk before me and beside me and behind me while I praise you along the way! Amen!

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