Such a time

An invitation for my 30th high school reunion recently came my way. My how fast the time as flown! I don’t feel old enough (most days) to have a 30th! Time just has this way of slipping quickly through our fingers like sand.

Generations come and go. Years turn to decades then centuries as time flies. Yet out of all the moments from the beginning to eternity, this is the time period God placed me in, you too. Ever wonder why? Let’s peep into Esther’s story for a clue.

Esther had been elevated to the position of Queen of Persia by King Xerxes. At the request of her Uncle Mordecai, Esther kept her Jewish heritage a secret. I wonder what the days in the palace were like for her. I mean, what little girl doesn’t at some point dream of being a princess and marrying a handsome prince? If Esther ever dreamed of such then her dreams were even better because she was queen and he the king. Yet somehow I don’t think reality matches up with the dream world. Did she struggle to fit into her new role? Did she make new friends among the staff? Was she lonely? From Esther 4:11, we see she went 30 days without even seeing her new husband.

As Esther struggled to find her place, a conspiracy was underfoot. For some reason Xerxes honored Haman the Agagite to such a degree that people were to bow to him. Yet Mordecai refused. When Haman learned Mordecai was a Jew, he let his hatred lead to a plan to kill every Jew in the Persian Empire. Basically the king told Haman to do what he wanted so the proclamation of annihilation was sent out.

As Jews across the province mourned, Mordecai wept at the gate. When Esther inquired about her uncle, he sent a copy of the edict and asked her to go to Xerxes for help. Her first response was to remind her uncle anyone who approaches the king without an invitation is put to death unless he extends his scepter. In response, Mordecai told her she too would perish though she hid her heritage. He assured her God would save his people another way if she wouldn’t step up. Then he said-

“And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

God has a plan and a purpose for each of us. I wonder how often we pull back out of fear like Esther almost did? Perhaps that promotion at work or new opportunity was really God positioning us to carry out his plans…

Lord, as Esther’s story marinates in my heart and mind today, open my eyes to how I need to more fully step into the plans you have for me. It isn’t by chance or accident I live in this small town in this state in 2017 or that I teach at that school with those students. Guide my feet, my actions, and my words. Amen

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