Stranger than fiction

Some true stories are just too funny, complicated or strange that I think to myself- you just can’t make this stuff up! Who needs to take the time to create fiction when real life can be so much more bizarre. Such is the case in Genesis 27…

As I read through the events regarding Isaac’s blessing, I shake my head in wonder that this deceitful and conniving family is the one God chose to work through to bless all people. Wow! I don’t mean that to sound like I don’t think God knew what he was doing… I just mean to imply that God saw something in them that I’m missing in this chapter… but maybe that is the point. God saw the whole picture, what they were capable of doing, and how they would serve and worship him through the years and I’m just seeing this one scene. Yet what a scene it was… one of those too bizarre to be fiction scenes.

God had spoken to Rebekah before her twins were born and told her the older would serve the younger. Just like her mother-in-law before her, Rebekah figured to help God fulfil his words. Old in years, Isaac told Esau to hunt wild game, make his food just as he liked and then he would pass on his blessing to him. Rebekah overheard the conversation and worked her plan quickly. She made the food that Isaac liked, dressed Jacob in Esau’s clothes, and covered his smooth skin in goat’s skin to make him feel like hairy Esau. Jacob went to his nearly blind father, deceived him, and walked away with the blessing. Through deception, Jacob had stolen both the birthright and the blessing from his brother Esau.

So what’s the point? Sure the story was stranger than fiction… but so what? This Jacob who was a key plyer in this deception will go through a name change in a few chapters as God changes him from ‘Jacob’ to ‘Israel’. God saw something in this deceiver that I missed.

I’m praising God this morning because he sees something in me… what, I don’t know but he has called me to him and has chosen to work through me to do work in his kingdom. Lord, my heart is so full of gratitude that you want me! Lord, my heart also fills with hope as I look at loved ones who are far from you now. Yet I see them and think of where Jacob was in chapter 27 and where you took him as you worked through him and I smile. No one is too far, too low, or too gone for you to reach out to, draw closer, and work through! How my heart fills with joy at what comes after chapter 27! O, the glorious future you have planned ahead! Thank you, Father God! Amen!see

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