Be still

Once again my uncle faces off against the big C today. For about 20 years, he has battled round after round. During most of those years my aunt fought the same battle by his side until this past January when God called her home to rest. My uncle is back at Vanderbilt today surrounded by his children and other family as the surgeon goes in to remove new growth. After time for recovering, new treatments will be discussed and decided upon.

I’m no different from anyone else in the fact that I wonder why. Why has he endured so much? Why must my two cousins who still mourn the loss of their mother face this struggle again? Why do some face so many battles when others seem to live such easy lives?

I’ve thought of and prayed for my uncle several times this week so that may be why I’m seeing Mark 4: 35-41 as I am today. This is the story of when Jesus and the disciples got in the boat to cross the sea. Jesus fell asleep as a ‘furious squall’ came upon them. The disciples were so filled with fear I’m sure they tried everything they could to secure the boat but nothing helped. Finally, they woke Jesus up and asked him-

“Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” Mark 4:38


Wow! I wonder how many times thoughts like this have crossed our minds. In the middle of the battle, we can’t see the shore on the other side because the storm we are in is so overwhelming- so we wonder if God even cares.

Jesus awakes, walks over to the waves and speaks the words-


Jesus may bring the storm to an end but he may let the storm rage on while bringing us peace. I’m reminded of Psalm 46:10-

“Be still and know that I am God.”


Be assured- God cares! The Word shows us over and over that he hurts when we hurt. He knows even the count of hairs on our head because he is so in tune to us as individuals. He may or may not bring an end to our storms but either way, he is right here with us. Let us keep walking in faith remembering that our God is forever faithful!

Lord, I pray now for my uncle and for my cousins and the rest of the extended family. They have been traveling through this storm for so very long. Encourage their hearts today with peace. May your healing hand be at work and may your will be done. Amen.

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