steadfast heart

We’ve all been in that time of waiting for word; maybe for the test result, the doctor’s diagnosis, the approval for adoption, the selection from an interview committee, and so forth. Will it be good news or bad news? Will dreams be fueled or crushed? How do we handle the waiting? The results?

As I was reading the Word, a verse jumped off the page and smacked me. I finished the chapter then went back to underline the words I want to be true about me. No, I’m not there yet but I want to be.

“He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” Psalm 112:7

As I prayed over a few requests this morn, I told God I wanted to walk steady trusting Him.  Then came Psalm 112, words written about the blessings of a righteous person. Notice verse 7 doesn’t indicate a God-fearing person will never receive bad news, only that there is no fear of bad news.

Too often, I’ve sat on the edge of the seat anxious for a decision or result. Yet all that energy was wasted. If I truly believe God as I say I do then I can trust Him and trust His plan knowing it is for my good and His glory. His timeline and plans don’t often align with my desired timeline and plans yet God has been trying to teach me for years that His ways are better. O, what a slow learned I can be!

Lord, even in the waiting help me trust you. Even when you plans are different than mine, help me trust you. Whether the news is good or bad help me walk in faith trusting You. Build in me a steadfast heart that trusts you without fear! Amen

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