3 truths from the snow storm

snow stormYesterday, Gary asked me to drive the truck across the road to pick him up. He was returning his Dad’s tractor used to clean off snow from the driveway and road. Let me preface my driving by saying I’m a teacher in Kentucky… we get out of school for 2 inches and yesterday we had nearly 12! So driving in snow… not my forte! However, wanting to do my part I headed down the driving way… well, I think I was in the driveway… hard to tell with all the snow! Thankfully the concrete barriers of the culvert were visible to guide me out. To make it to the end of Sassafras meant meeting a neighbor on his tractor also working to clear the road. I couldn’t tell where I was or if I was over enough for him to pass by… stressful. I eventually made it to the barn where I quickly moved to the passenger seat to let Gary drive. Being out in those conditions was bad enough, being the driver was more than I wanted to deal with.

This morn, I walked by the living room window then reversed for a double take. The branches of the trees were encrusted in ice creating a magical scene! The snow look sprinkled with diamonds and as the ice slowly melted, the droplets of water fell to the ground like glitter being poured out. I stopped to take a picture but it the photo falls short of capturing the beauty.

Moments later as I knelt before God, my thoughts were stirred by the Spirit to see spiritual truths in my driving and the tree I want to share in hopes that they encourage others as they did me.

First: Not every path God leads me down is as treacherous as the conditions yesterday… but some of them have been. Many have been the days I haven’t been able to see the path, didn’t know if I was going forward or backwards, or felt like I was about to slide off into a ditch.

Second: Just as it was a blessing to reach the barn and hand the wheel over to Gary, I am blessed to have the Holy Spirit to guide me down this challenging road I travel. I still wasn’t crazy about being on the road yesterday but it was easier and less stressful with Gary driving. I don’t know how I would keep going without the Spirit. He encourages me, brings me peace even in the middle of the storm, and carries my prayers to the Father even when I don’t know what to pray. If I could pick the route, I would have avoided this one completely… just like I would have avoided driving in the snow… but those choices are not always mine to make.

Third: The ice encrusted tree gives me such hope! Why? When I was driving on snow, all I knew was the stress, fear, and treacherous conditions. Yet, this morn tucked into my warm home, I can look out and see the beauty this storm brought to my front yard. The greatest artist ever took the snow, hazardous conditions, and cold weather and created a masterpiece no human can emulate. So God works in my life. Sometimes it can be so easy to focus on the pain, the hurts, and the failed plans. However, if we wait and trust in God he will take even our deepest hurts and bring beauty-

“And we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

If you feel you are going through hell right now, you may think these are just words on a page but they are so much more to me! I know- I’m walking it now! Even when the road looks impossible to pass through, God is teaching me so much! I’m coming to know strength, love, grace, and peace from him that previously I had only glimpsed. No, I can’t see the scene of beauty yet BUT my heart knows it is ahead because God promised it in Romans and I believe him.

My heart overflows this morning because my Jesus loves me! I love how the Spirit takes such everyday things like a snowstorm and a glittery tree to bring perspective to my path. Thank you, Father! To those out driving alone, may I encourage you to move over and let God drive… beauty lies ahead if you do! Amen!

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