set apart

When God brought his people up from Egypt to Canaan, he stopped along the way to teach them his truths, ways, and expectations. He looked at the evil nations living in Canaan that he would run out and considered their behaviors and practices that were despicable to him… things like sacrificing their children to pagan gods, no boundaries on sexual relationships, and disrespect for family. He told his people to be different…

“You are to be holy to me because I, the Lord, am holy, and I have set you apart from the nations to be my own.” Leviticus 20:26

As Jesus followers, we are God’s people. Yet have we set ourselves apart from the ‘nations’? Our country was founded on religious freedoms yet with each passing day those freedoms seem to be more threatened… especially if one is a Christian. I look around at the laws being passed and at the people the media choses to honor and my heart is made heavy.

When the evil of the pagan nations in Canaan had reached its limit, God removed them and brought in his people and told them to be holy. The evil in our land is growing and it is into this setting that God calls his people to be holy and set apart. Are we? Are we as Christians living holy lives even though the world around us grows more lost & evil? Even when we are criticized? Are we set apart but loving to the lost around us as Jesus was? Are we seeking the heart of God regardless of how our nation views Christianity?

As our nation grows darker, we as Jesus’ followers have a greater opportunity to shine His light. Are we?

Lord, for my country I pray. I pray for our leaders and the decisions that are to be made. I pray for our Supreme Court Justices as they consider cases that will greatly impact our land. I pray for God’s people to be holy and light even as our nation grows darker. I pray that you would guide me and help me to be holy and set apart. Amen!light

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