Seeking Wisdom- Job 28

The gold rushes in the Yukon and in California years ago had men leaving their families at home to go spend all their time, money and energy trying to strike it rich- and while a few did many just struck out.  In chapter 28, Job described the pursuit of gold and jewels that consumes men.  Yet he recognized that the higher pursuit is that of finding wisdom and he compared it to the search for treasure…
“But where can wisdom be found?” –Job 28:12
Wisdom can’t be mined in the earth and it can’t be bought at any price- regardless of the quantity of gold and precious jewels.  So where did Job conclude that wisdom and understanding could be found:
“And he [God] said to man, ‘The fear of the Lord- that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding.’” – Job 28:28
Now this is not the fear that comes over me at the thought of riding a roller coaster, coming across a snake, or watching a horror movie (all things I avoid as much as possible!).  No, this is not the cowering in the corner kind of fear.  This “fear of the Lord” is giving reverence to God.  It is acknowledging that He alone is Lord and worthy of all praise and glory while also accepting that I am a lowly woman who has nothing good in her except Jesus- THIS is wisdom.
We can grow in wisdom and understanding today as we learn to reverence our Lord.  We develop the ability to walk in faith leaving our troubles at his feet when we learn to accept that his plans are best and ultimately for our own good.  This pursuit of wisdom will yield better returns than all the gold ever discovered on this earth!  I think I’ll try to do more of this today.  Heaven knows there is plenty of foolishness in this world so I want to find more wisdom!

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