Remodeling… Day 1

Four years ago we remodeled the living room. We took out a wall to make it larger, installed hardwood floors, and purchased new furniture. Three years ago I decided the kitchen needed an upgrade too. The problem though was one of finances. With our middle child in college, spare change wasn’t readily available so I decided a face lift would have to do. So I bought kits from the hardware store to paint the cabinets ivory and the countertops brown then added new flooring. And it looked great…


… for a couple of years. Then the temporary countertop fix started chipping off and the paint wore thin around heavily used knobs.

When the opportunity to get custom cabinets built by an Amish man in a nearby community presented itself we took it. The cabinets were installed Tuesday and can I just say… WOW! The plumbing is still in progress, food & pans still line the spare bedroom, and mess abounds (more on that tomorrow) but the cabinets are a beautiful work of art… the result of a master craftsman.

The process of remodeling reminds me of my walk and transformation in Christ. The Psalmist wrote-

“Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.” Psalm 127:1

Self-transformation looks good for a while… but it is temporary… laboring in vain… Kind of like my first kitchen redo. Sure it looked amazing… at first… before the chips appeared on the countertops and the paint wore thin.

True transformation must come from beyond ourselves… the work of the Master Craftsman. When God takes a life and gently and skillfully shapes it, sands off the rough edges, and brings out the beauty he placed inside… WOW! A true work of art emerges!

Sure, we all want to eat healthier, exercise more, develop a kinder heart, and learn to love others better… but do we try to do these things of our own strength or do we ask God for his help?

Just as a master craftsman knows how to find the beauty in a piece of wood and transform it into a work of art, Lord, you know the potential I have for you put it in me and only you have the power to transform me into what I was meant to be. So, Lord, work on and in me. Transform me. Sand and cut and refine… even when the process causes pain… because I trust you have an end blueprint greater than I can imagine. Amen!


Still to come… stories of the remodel & how they connect to walking in Christ… (Below is my beloved Daddy helping last week to prepare for the new cabinets)…  Plus pics of the new cabinets in the days to come…

dad redo

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