Record of being faithful


Even though we are over a year away from our next presidential election, the political arena is already hopping with people vying for their party’s nomination. In the months ahead, each candidate will go under the microscope as the media and citizens of our nation examine closely the character, integrity, and plans of each one. Much character info will be gathered from their past performances, decisions, and affiliations.

Jumping from the political arena, let’s land in the book of Joshua. Just like we can determine a candidate’s character from their past performances, we can also look at the past performances of God. So many ask- Can I trust God? Will he fulfill his promises? Will he be there when I need him? The answer to each question is a resounding- YES! My answer comes from my years of walking with Christ… but we could go much farther back for proof.

At the end of Joshua 21, the Hebrews had conquered the Promised Land, divided the land, and were entering a time of rest. The chapter ends with these words-

“Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to the house of Israel failed; everyone was fulfilled.” Joshua 21:45

God’s record stands as a testimony to his character. God is faithful!   God is trustworthy! God can be depended on! No, he isn’t a magic genie in a lamp ready to grant our wishes. He is bigger and greater than that. He is faithful even when the path and plans are not what we would have chosen… even then!

No matter the path we walk today… no matter the obstacles we encounter… not matter the doubts the devil tries to throw our way… God IS faithful! So rest easy! Stand firm! Take that next step & walk by faith not by sight! God’s record stands strong- we can depend on Him!

Lord, thank you for being faithful to your promises! In this world, many people say one thing and do another and honestly I fall into that category from time to time… but not you! You will never not be faithful! Thank you! Your faithfulness gives me strength, keeps me on track, and fills me with hope!

So blessed! Amen!

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