Have received- part 2

Though I pray my words encourage others in their faith walk and point to Christ, my words today are directed above…

Lord, you amaze me. Yesterday, you led me to the barren fig tree and imprinted on my heart the importance of praying then believing I’ve already received an answer even if I don’t see it yet. Your timing was as always impeccable! You know the specific request I’ve been focused on for months now. You know how I falter sometimes and let discouragement and hurt creep in for a few moments because I don’t see with my eyes any results yet. You know my heart so you know how hard this valley has been for me to walk. Yet I see new growth in my faith as I learn to keep going to my knees and leaving this in your hands.

God, you knew beforehand every event that would take place yesterday just as you do for every day. You knew Mark 11:24 was perfect for me! It is this type of timing and help that just confirms to my heart that you have heard my prayer and you have a plan to answer it in you perfect time. Help me to hold on to this truth in my heart.

This morning my heart sings your praise! I choose to believe I have received what I’ve asked for even if I don’t see it yet! Continue to be the source of my help and strength! Be with all the Christians out there today who need the reassurance that you are listening and acting on their behalf even if they don’t see it yet. Be with the unbelievers- open their eyes to see. Amen!received 2

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