Moving forward I rarely put it all together but looking back I often see pieces that seemed random fall together, ways God had been preparing me for what I would face.

Years ago, I spoke at length to our new pastor’s wife regarding their teenage son soon to head out with us on a weekend youth trip. Their teen has type 1 diabetes so she was teaching me what to look for and how to handle medical situations should they arise. Our daughter’s best friend in high school also type 1. We spent hours with that young lady through those years; years she was on a pump and managing well her diabetes. Just last fall, I was helping a band member with uniform prep when he asked me to wait closer to show time for the final touches as he needed to get to his pump and check his sugar prior to performing. That same teen had his small bag of diabetes supplies go missing at another competition. Though I didn’t fully comprehend the importance of the bag then, I joined in the frantic search.

Looking back, I see these young people being a part of our lives at random but as a part of God’s plan to bless us while preparing this mother’s heart for October 2015. When our 17 year old was given a type 1 diabetes diagnosis, I had a frame of reference to look through. I knew several young people living healthy, active, and full lives while managing this life-altering health issue.

Through the years, I’ve found many things that seem so random at the time really aren’t but instead are evidence of God’s handiwork. Such was the case of Ahab’s death.

Ahab, one of Israel’s most wicked kings, had called in Jehoshaphat, the king of the southern kingdom of Israel, to help fight a battle against a mutual enemy. The pagan prophets predicted great success for the two Israelite kings. Jehoshaphat, however, wanted to hear from a prophet of God and so Micaiah was brought in. This prophet foresaw the defeat of their armies, which angered Ahab who marched out anyway but in a peculiar way. Jehoshaphat went to battle in his kingly garb but Ahab went into battle disguised. The enemy king told his soldiers to seek only Ahab so when the encountered Jehoshaphat they let him go. Then…

“Someone drew his bow at random and hit the king of Israel between the sections of his armor.” 1 Kings 22:34

Random? I think not! That soldier maybe even in frustration drew back his bow, notched his arrow, and let it fly but God had a plan and a purpose for that arrow!

The road to our family’s encounter with diabetes, the solder’s loosed arrow, and other experiences have taught me that God is in complete control and God has a plan. Events that may seem random to us are part of God’s orchestrated plan for our good and his glory.

Lord, as I go about my day, may I be ever mindful that you have a plan and that while different things that come into my life may seem random, you are at work. You will take the good days and the bad. You will take the joys and the sorrows. You will take my good decisions and my mistakes and you will use them all to bring you glory! Thank you, Lord, for such loving care you have shown my family and in turn me. I am so humbled that you deal so intimately with each of your children. Amen!


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  1. susan carroll says:

    The Lord is Good! A diagnosis of type 1 diabetes is hard for a teen and the family to deal with. My daughter was diagnosed at 15. We were grateful there were monitors to help keep her on track. Although, asa teen, it was hard. Her doctor once said that often, they just try to keep the teens alive until they were old enough to take it seriously and keep their A1c at a good level. Happily, she is now in her 30’s and expecting her second healthy baby! And just so she wouldn’t feel alone, I was diagnosed with type 1 at 50. And keeping that A1c down is REALLY HARD! My nephew is a mathematician, and he was diagnosed in college. He is able to keep his A1c at a totally normal level. With your help, you son will do fine, God prepared you, and your son.. He will continue to watch over you, as he does us all. Hugs, AuntSue

    • Thank you for your encouraging words! Aaron is managing his diabetes very well and in fact just returned from a 10 day trip out of the country with a school group. I’m so glad God is not only NOT surprised but working to prepare our hearts ahead of time for what is to follow! God bless!

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