Quietly at Work

Since our bathroom connects directly to the bedroom and I prefer to let sleeping dogs lie… I mean my husband, I turn on the fan each morning after a hot shower to try to pull the steam off the mirror. Even after the mirror clears, the fan usually continues to hum loudly until it hits me that I can turn it off. Sweet peace then reigns as I finish getting ready. I welcome that quiet… sometimes the quiet isn’t what I was looking for.

In 1 Kings 6, Solomon began the construction of the Temple. From the day Jacob’s family moved to Egypt to join Joseph during the famine to the day they walked out freed slaves was 430 years. From then until the beginning of the temple construction was 480 years. Throughout all of those 900+ years, God was at work. Sometimes his hand was visible and loud like at the walls of Jericho and the parting of the Red Sea. Sometimes he worked in quietly like during the slave years. Yet God was always there, always planning, and always at work.

Back to the temple site…

Construction sites are often loud places- saws, hammers, equipment, voices, etc. Yet the temple work site was different-

“In building the temple, only blocks dressed at the quarry were used, and no hammer, chisel, or any other iron tool was heard at the temple site while it was being built.” 1 Kings 6:7

I’m sure voices were heard as the men worked together to build but otherwise it was quiet. As I read this verse I thought of how God works quietly in my life sometimes. I can oftentimes be unaware of what God is orchestrating through other people and my circumstances until all of a sudden I see the completed structure and all I can think is “Wow, God!”

Several events over the last few days have put me in a reflective mood. Many of the questions have revolved around my purpose, my place, and my sphere of influence. How comforting it is to know in my seasons of uncertainty and change that God is at work even when all seems quiet.

Friends, be assured today that even if God seems silent, he is still at work on the construction site of you. Solomon built a beautiful and grand Temple for God. Today we as God’s children are the temples of the Holy Spirit who is at work in our lives… often quietly. Know that God is at work to bring about his plans that are for our good and his glory!

Lord, thank you for always being with me. Thank you for the work you do quietly behind the scenes. Thank you for holding my hand during the times when questions flood my mind and try to knock me off my feet. Help me to find my way in you and bring your glory! Amen!


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