PUSH on!

Many years ago, a youth group in Michigan began a practice that spread as a movement across this nation- they fashioned bracelets with the letters “WWJD”… “What Would Jesus Do”.  Since then a number of other acronyms have been created to encourage and guide Christians such as FROG- “Fully Rely On God”- and PUSH- “Pray Until Something Happens”.  It’s this last one that seems to fit so well with the verses I read this morning in Matthew 7.

I’ve heard some say that if you pray for something more than once you don’t demonstrate faith that God will hear and answer.  In all my Bible reading, I’ve yet to see any basis for that thought but have instead found passages like Matthew 7-8 imply just the opposite.

Jesus goes on to say one that asks receives, he who seeks finds, and she who knocks will see the door opened.  I interpret this to mean the more diligent and consistent I am about a prayer request, the greater the results will be- receive, find, opened!  Jesus went on in the next 2 verses to explain that if an earthy father who is imperfect knows how to give good gifts to his children, then our perfect Heavenly Father is even more aware and able to give good gifts to his children who ask.  James also tells us that we have not because we ask not.  I don’t want to make that mistake so I ask over and over and over.  I have some prayer requests very dear to my heart so I keep asking and seeking and knocking.  Though my knocking may start to sound like I’m pounding on the doors of heaven, my requests are too important not to knock.

Lord, you know my heart and what I pray for.  I truly understand that your ways and timing are on a higher plane than mine.  Whether you answer my request today or weeks, months or years from now is completely in your divine plan.  Until that time, I pray on.  I know my requests are in line with your Word for it is consistent with your desires for all people so I am confident that the door will be opened at just the right moment.  So, Lord, I thank you ahead of time!  I’m going to keep knocking but I already thank you because I know the day is coming…  Wow!  This reassurance sure makes me happy this morning!  Anyone else ready to do some knocking with me?  Let’s PUSH on today!  Amen!

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