Promise keeper

A few days ago I listened to an Andy Stanley podcast about how God decided to wade into humanity’s mess and provide a way out. He began by finding a starting point. Imperfect though he was, Abraham was God’s starting point to build faith. All these years later, Abraham is still such an interesting character to study. In 3 chapters this morning, I watched him hide his spousal connection with Sarah… again… send his son Ishmael away, and go off to make a sacrifice that blows my mind.

God asked Abraham to make an offering of his son Isaac. I can’t imagine the turmoil that ran through Abraham… choose God or choose his son? Even though Abraham hadn’t always made the best choices in the past, he did this time! He left home and headed for Moriah with 2 servants, Isaac, wood, and himself. When he saw his destination, he left all but the wood, knife, and Isaac to walk the rest of the way. Abraham’s words as he walked away from the servants move my heart still! Abraham knew he was headed to make a sacrifice of his son yet he told the servants-

“We will worship and then we will come back to you.” Genesis 22:5

Abraham had great faith in God as evidenced by this journey he took to offer up Isaac but even more so in this verse when he confidently said ‘we will’ return. I don’t think Abraham knew how it would all fall into place. However, he knew the promise God had made about the descendants of Isaac though Isaac had not become a father yet. So even though Abraham didn’t know how things were going to go that day, he did know God was still in charge and he knew God was a keeper of promises so he pressed on.

Today many of us may need to have Abraham’s attitude. We may not know how God will work in the situations we face, but we can be reassured that God has a plan and even better he is a promise keeper! So let us walk on boldly in the faith today! God’s got this! Amen!promises

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