Praying just because…

Currently as a parent, I feel my feet are on 2 sides of a fence. Our youngest is 16 so we are in full parenting mode as we have less than 2 years left to interact with him in our home daily. Two years to help guide and prepare him. Two years to help him build a strong foundation on Christ. Then on the flip side we have 2 adult children who have moved out, have good jobs, and are financially independent. (Really enjoying that last one!)

We have seen our relationships with our children go through many changes on the last few years- one such change is seen in the phone calls. Back in high school and college, most of the calls were-

  • I need money
  • I have car trouble and need help
  • Practice is over I need a ride
  • Can you take me to the movies?

While the youngest is still in this mode, the other two have moved on. Our oldest and only daughter calls often just to check in and tell me about her day. Since we are both teachers, we speak the same language and share common struggles. The middle child most recently independent calls less often and for shorter conversations. Saturday, for example, he called to tell me he was at P.F. Chang’s for the first time. We spoke a moment then he said that was all he had and goodbye. I hung up with a big smile on my face b/c he took time share a moment of his day with me!

Yesterday the Sunday School discussion left me thinking about his call and the Spirit led my thoughts to prayer. The calls I get from my children remind me of 3 different levels prayer. Like the child still at home, I still sometimes call on God for help, healing, and rescue. Yet just as he will grow up, move out, and be less needy for the support we provide, so the Christian needs to grow past just going to God over needs. Yet I wonder how often I call up God for just a brief conversation just because… Just as Jerad put a big smile on my face and brought joy to my heart over that brief call from P.F. Chang’s, I believe the Father smiles when we pause to say a quick word like when we see the colors of fall and praise him. Ultimately, I want to keep moving on to more frequent and deeper conversations with God that goes beyond always needing something.

Lord, you have seen me through many “I need” requests but I want more! As I go through this day, I want be more intent on pausing here and there to call you up… just because! Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:17-

“Pray continuously”


THAT is my desire. To be so in tune to you that we talk throughout the day! I begin right now by thanking you for this wonderful weekend we just enjoyed. Thank you for the blessings of family and for the doors you are opening. Thank you for a job… a calling really that I love. Guide me today. Make me a blessing to others. Amen!calling just because


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