Praise lips

When our children were young, they loved the Veggie Tales. The writers and animators created a wonderful way to teach children God’s truth through veggie centered Bible stories. Even I was fan, especially of the music and Silly Songs by Larry. I can’t speak for the boys but my daughter and I can still break into entertaining versions of The Hairbrush Song, Everybody’s got a Water Buffalo, and I Love My Lips! I confess to currently having Veggie Tales Rock in my iTunes.

Though songs like I Love My Lips were purely for fun, I thought of the title as I ended up the longest chapter in the Bible. At 176 verses and 6 pages in my Bible, this chapter has been my focus for a few days. Verse 171 spoke volumes to me today as I prepare to begin a new workweek.

Already my mind has run over a to-do list that includes a dental visit, faculty meeting, and multiple details that need to be completed at work. If I’m not purposeful I can let the not so fun details of the week overflow my lips as complaining but that’s not the kind of person I want to be. So verse 171…

“May my lips overflow with praise, for you teach me your decrees.” Psalm 119:171

I want to set my eyes and my heart on God this early morning so I can get my praise on and keep it on. All day long, all week long, I want my lips to overflow with praise for my Jesus!

Lord, you are worthy of every praise! May your praise ever be on my lips overflowing throughout this day and week. Even in the hustle and bustle, may your praise drip from my lips! Amen

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