Pause to ponder

As I turned west to travel to a meeting last evening, I beheld a most beautiful sunset. While most of the sky was a soft blue, a thin layer following the sun looked ablaze with fire so bright were the oranges and reds. Spontaneous praise sprang forth from my heart as I looked upon the evidence of how great God is! The weight on my shoulders from a hard week at school melted away. The prayer requests that have so burdened my heart fell into perspective. I thought if my God is this great (& greater still), then why do I struggle so to hold on to my troubles and prayer requests. With a God as awesome as mine, I need to lay down my burdens at his feet and leave them there, trust the perfect plans he has, and walk on with greater faith.

As I neared the old golf course, the sun and its brilliant entourage of colors slipped away. Though the fiery sky was gone, in its place was a soft grey dusk that spoke to my heart of great peace. O, how God touched the deep parts of my heart on that drive!

As I continued in Luke 2 this morning, a familiar verse spoke to my heart. What a year Mary had just experienced- a visit from the angel Gabriel, pregnant yet unmarried, and then giving birth to the Son of God in a stable of all places! As she and Joseph beheld the beauty of their newborn, marveled at his tiny fingers and toes, and commented about how much hair he had or didn’t have, they suddenly found themselves surrounded by a group of shepherds who gazed down at them with awestruck faces. As the shepherds left praising God and sharing the good news with everyone they could find-

“Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart”- Luke 2:19

What a beautiful lesson we can take here from Mary. So often I rush here and there talking on the phone or listening to the radio or thinking of the lesson plans before me and I overlook the ways God tries to reach out to touch me. I love Mary’s reaction to all the things going on around her… she quietly took it all in and pondered in her heart. Every day I need to quiet my heart, my phone, my computer, my radio, and pause to ponder the ways of God and look for the ways he reaches out to show me his love. That sunset yesterday truly touched my heart and as a result I pondered God’s love and power. Lord, may I ponder your goodness daily. May I quiet my thoughts and focus on you. During the craziness of life, may my heart remember that sunset! Amen!ponder

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