Overlooked blessings

When the new school year rolls around, many go shopping for new clothes, backpacks, and such. Not here. O, I offered but our 17 year old would rather wait until later in the fall. That is for everything but shoes. I was thinking he would want the type of sneaker that offers good support for the many hours he will spend marching in band practice… but no he said his old ones were fine. Instead he wanted new Converse and somehow we ended up with 2 pair.

All was good until last night. He came home with a problem. His old more supportive sneakers are coming apart. So now I guess we will be on a search for an inexpensive pair of sneakers for practice.

I thought of his practice shoes as I read Moses words in Deuteronomy 29. As the Hebrews prepare to go into the Promised Land after spending 40 years in the desert following the exodus from Egypt, Moses draws their attention to the Lord’s provisions.

“During the 40 years that I led you through the desert, your clothes did not wear out, nor did the sandals on your feet.’ Deuteronomy 29:5

I wonder if they had noticed that provision during the 40 years. I ask because I don’t always pay attention. I have some shoes that are new and some I’ve worn for years. I don’t really keep up with the years… I just notice when they hurt my feet. Basically, if they aren’t broken, I don’t notice them.

As I sit here on this Friday morn pondering the Word, I wonder at the provisions that God has so lovingly provided through the years that I ‘ve taken for granted… the things I don’t take notice of until it is ‘broken’.

Take my heath for example. I don’t give it much thought but I’m in great health. A couple years ago, the life insurance company gave me one of the top ratings which the agent said was very rare. Yet I go day by day without really thinking of it or thanking God for it.

Yes, there are many blessings I am very mindful of like my family for which I often thank God. Today though I want to search for the blessings and provisions I often overlook.


You are so good to me! I am so humbled by the loving care you give me. Thank you for the blessings you pour out on my life. Lord, give me eyes to see the provisions I have overlooked before because I don’t always take notice. I want to shout your praise today for the loving provisions! Thank you for my health! Thank you for your care! Thank you for your blessings & provisions! Amen!


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