Our Emmaus road of Diabetes


What a week! Today is day 5 on our new journey on the road called Type 1 Diabetes. After 4 days in the hospital, we checked out to travel to the Vandy Diabetes Center in Nashville. There we spent time with a doctor then received education on care. We all learned to draw up a shots from a vial of saline solution then administer them. Personally, I think Gary was a little too excited about plunging the needle into my tummy! LOL!

Since Aaron had been cooped up in the hospital for most of his fall break, we let him pick the restaurant and activities afterward. The meal was… interesting! We went to “The Wild Cow”- a very trendy vegetarian/vegan restaurant (such irony in the name!) As I said… interesting. I ordered a taco salad sans the meat but did have a big blob of vegan sour cream… mistake. Vegetarians skip meat but vegans use no animal products at all. Just imagine if you will sour cream which is really soured milk but without dairy products… Yeah, I didn’t think that one out. After a big bite that I somehow swallowed, I asked Darby how it was made… tofu! She doesn’t like vegan sour cream either! I will say the Peanut Butter Banana smoothie with soy milk was great! Plus Aaron and Darby LOVED their meals and that’s what we were going for!

Next on the agenda Aaron picked a stop at Opry Mills Mall. They didn’t buy a thing but walked the circle twice. Oh, and while they walked, Gary had some ‘real’ food- chicken and noodles! We got home about 10:30 PM and were all asleep shortly after that.

I can’t adequately describe how thrilling it was to sleep in my own bed, sit down in my chair this morning with a cup of coffee, open my Bible study book, and write in my journal knowing my child sleeps safe and sound and healthy downstairs! Life is good!

I also sit here amazed as always at God’s timing. I just completed day 6 of week 4 of Jennifer Rothschild’s study “Missing Pieces: real hope when life doesn’t make sense”. The title of today’s study was ‘lessons from Emmaus” which referenced the story from Luke 24:14-31. After the crucifixion, two disciples were walking to Emmaus from Jerusalem a journey of some 7 miles. While the walked along downcast at the recent events, the resurrected Jesus joined them on the road and talked with them though his identity was hidden from them. Eventually Jesus began with Moses and worked his way through all of the prophets teaching these men what the scriptures said about himself.

When they reached the village the men urged Jesus to stay with them. At the table, Jesus took the food and drink, blessed it, and gave it to them. At this point, their eyes were opened to see who their guest was right before he disappeared from their sight. Amazed they got up, rushed to Jerusalem, and shared the good news with the disciples there.

On the road to Emmaus, Jesus chose not to reveal his identity. Yet even though they were unaware of whom he was Jesus was still with them and they later described how their ‘hearts burned within them’.

“We may not always recognize Him, but He is with us.” – Jennifer Rothschild

Reflecting back over the past few days, I know God has been with us every step of the way… in the big sense but also in the very small details such as Monday morning. Gary brought me clothes so I could clean up in Henderson without driving back home because this Momma didn’t want very far from her baby… even if he is 17! Anyway, I forgot to write socks on the list but somehow managed to get the one pair I had wet when I was cleaning up. Walking to the car in my wet socks, I decided to run to a store to buy new ones on the way back to the hospital but then I opened the back door to put my bag in and there on the seat was a clean pair of socks I put in there last week before the football game.

Yes, clean socks are such a small thing but that was just one of many ways God showed up unannounced over the last few days and provided for us. I admit sometimes I recognize his hand right away and sometimes not… but whether I do or not doesn’t change the fact that he always walks with me like he did those disciples.

As I wrap up this another long post, I want to share the 3 reasons why I am writing this. One- to praise my Jesus who has been with us every step. Two- to update friends about our diabetes journey. Three- to encourage others walking to Emmaus. Even if you have times when you question the events going on around you like those disciples did, Jesus is still there! God is always with us even when we don’t expect him or don’t recognize him- he is always near!

Dear Lord, my heart overflows with gratitude for the many ways you have cared for my family this week. Open my eyes to see you no matter what surrounds me! Please continue to walk with Aaron as he learns to walk this new path and his doctors/nurses as they equip him for his journey. Amen!

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  1. Susan Carroll says:

    My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes at 15, so I am familiar with the journey. She has grown up, graduated college with a degree in biology, worked in medical research, married a wonderful man and is now the mother of a very healthy and bright 3 year old daughter. The first of her journey was hard. I once dispaired of her ever gaining control, but she did. My nephew was diagnosed in college and is now an aerospace engineer with a lovely wife and five energetic and bright children. All through their journeys, the tender mercies of our Savior have been evident in their lives. I was diagnosed with delayed onset type 1 in my 50’s. My Savior walks with me, and has provided so many blessings and tender mercies that I cannot count my blessings. Through my struggles, my rocky roads, He has always been by my side.
    May your son’s journey always be so guided. My love to you and your family.

    • Thank you so much for sharing about the journey your family has taken! I’m reminded of the NT’s verses that say our struggles allow us to comfort others in similar circumstances. God has been so good to us and continues to sustain! Bless you, Nancy

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