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As remodeling often does, one thing leads to another. When we put our old table back into place, I came to 2 conclusions… the color did not match the tones of the new cabinets and it was larger than we needed. I contemplated painting the table and even spent time researching Pinterest for ideas. However with only 3 members at home and a large dining table, the kitchen table was more than we needed. So the decision was made to downsize and the search was on… Craigslist, consignment shops, & new furniture were all considered. I ended up bringing home a new beautiful dark, hi-top table.

We placed the top down on a rug, attached the legs, and turned it upright… and that was when we saw it- A two inch section along the edge that was very visibly flawed. So piece by piece we reversed the put-together steps and repacked the table for return. When spending so much money on the remodel and table, I don’t want to begin with new items that are scarred.

Maybe others can think of a similar story- perhaps not a table but a flawed new car, technology with kinks, or a new sink bent on the corner (had that happen too). No matter the object, the bottom line is the same… when we spend our hard-earned money we don’t want flawed or broken products.

With that in mind, let’s consider the directions God gave about sacrifices-

“It must be without defect or blemish to be acceptable. Do not offer to the Lord the blind, the injured or the maimed, or anything with warts or festering or running sores.” Leviticus 22:21-22

The point is that God wanted his people to bring their best to him- not the left-over, flawed, and unwanted. If we want to look at our situations like the table, we can ask, what did God pay for our purchase? The answer would be with the life of his Son. With that in mind, wouldn’t such a high purchase price bring the expectation that we bring our best to him? Shouldn’t we want to bring our best when we think of all God has done to bring reconciliation? But do we?

It’s easy to agree with the thought that we should bring our best; it’s the putting into action that we struggle with. No, we don’t have to search a herd of sheep to find an unblemished lamb but instead we bring our best through sacrifices of our time, money, and service. Yet for many of us, as soon as our feet hit the floor in the morning, we have enough to keep us busy until we hit the bed again that night… but does any of that time get set aside for God? The same could be asked of our spending habits and service.

Lord, thank you for giving such a great price for this flawed woman! I am humbled that you love me so infinitely! I find it easy to agree that I should bring my best to you but sometimes difficult to put into action. Help me, Lord, to make better decisions so that you will be more honored through my actions today. Search my heart and guide me in how to change in order to better bring my best to you. Amen!best

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