No regrets

Such an oddity, against what human logic says we should do. Yet over and over we see this to be true. To find happiness and meaning in life is to give it away in service to others. When we are bent on me, me, me- the accumulation of material possessions, the receiving of the accolades of man, and getting our own way- we end up empty. However, when we pour our lives and hearts into serving others, we know happiness and purpose.

Let’s think of those from the past like Mother Teresa. She spent years pouring her life into the people of India. She never amassed worldly wealth yet she is remembered as a very rich woman for how she lived. We can also look at opposite examples. I found one in the Bible this morning.

King Jehoshaphat the godly king of Judah died. Though he distributed his wealth to all his sons, his throne went to his eldest, Jehoram. At 32, Jehoram wore the crown and established himself firmly as king. His next action was to kill all of his brothers and some princes of Judah. In his quest to have it all, he murdered, led the people of Judah to worship idols, and he fought continuously with the people groups who were once subject to Judah’s crown. His sons and wives were carried off after an attack on Judah, all save his youngest son. Then Lord afflicted Jehoram with an incurable disease. After 2 years of suffering, his bowels came out and he died in great pain.

His countrymen did not honor this man who lived only for self.

“He passed away, to no ones’ regret.” 2 Chronicles 21:20

In eight years as king of Judah, Jehoram sought only to lift himself up and in so doing destroyed his life. In contract Mother Teresa gave her live away year after year to the poorest of the poor and she is remembered with great fondness and respect.

Lord, when the time comes for me to leave this world may it not be to “no one’s regret”. I want to expend my time, energy, and efforts in helping others, pouring out my life so I may be filled. To live in such a way is in accordance with the words of Jesus to love my neighbor as myself. I know this goes against human logic but I see the truth in those around me and in those from the past. Pour me out, Lord. Amen!


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