The next battle

Battles are a part of life. Sometimes they are relational with our spouse, children or co-workers. Sometimes battles are circumstances- fighting to get a job, pay a bill, or to get out of a bad situation. Some battles are fought to keep living such as the ones many fight against cancer.

If we have lived long at all, we have fought battles. If we are Christians, we have experienced the help of our God over and over taking us through to victory. Let’s not forget this truth for the next battle.

Today I read a very familiar passage yet the Spirit brought to light new treasure!

The armies of the Philistines and Israel had drawn up in battle yet the Philistines threw out a new challenge that no one seemed to want to take. A giant of a man named Goliath called for an Israelite opponent with the loser’s army to be servants to the winner’s. Forty days went past with Goliath calling out Israel. Not one Hebrew from the lowest of rank up through King Saul would accept.

Then came along the young man David sent by his father to see how his brothers faired in battle. When David heard Goliath, he began asking questions that eventually brought him before Saul accepting the challenge on behalf of all Israel. When Saul questioned David’s youth and inexperience in battle, David testified to everything God had brought him through. Then he made a bold statement that caught my eye this morn-

“The Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear WILL deliver me from the hand of the Philistine.” 1 Samuel 17:37

The strength of his conviction is amazing! David had known God’s help and protection in his battles against lions and bears and so believed God would be there for him again. What strong faith David demonstrated not only in his statement but also by every step he took out onto the battlefield to face Goliath.

I want that kind of faith!

I want to face each new battle with such confidence and say to it with conviction that God was with me in former battles so he WILL help me in the present one.

Unfortunately I must confess that I’ve failed often to be so bold. Though God has helped me time and time again, I have too often faced new battles with fear, fretting, and questions about God’s plan. On my knees, God has brought me peace, strength and help and I am so thankful. Yet I want to grow more like David. To skip the fear, fretting, and questions and just go ahead and proclaim victory in the battle! Though victory may look different that what I expected it would, I know God’s victory plan is for the best.


Lord, strengthen my faith. Give me a heart like David who had a heart like you! Amen!



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  1. Julie Lewis says:

    Nancy, thanks for this word from God today! It reaffirms exactly what God is speaking to me. He is the author of peace when we are going through life’s battles. If we have Faith in Him and the promises He gives us in His word, He takes us through the battles without fear and trembling. And, instead with a confidence that He is in control. We can take Him at His word! He doesn’t lie! We just have to have the faith to believe what He says!

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