A new name, Beloved


Years ago I had a bookmark bearing my name and it’s meaning. “Nancy” is a Hebrew word meaning ‘grace’ and I’m good with that. Especially after reading a passage this morning.

“Ezer and Elead were killed… Their father Ephraim mourned for them many days, and his relatives came to comfort him. Then he lay with his wife again, and she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. He named him Beriah, because there had been misfortune in his family.” 1 Chronicles 7: 21-23

My Bible notes ‘Beriah’ sounds like the Hebrew for ‘misfortune’. What a terrible name to be saddled with. For his whole lie he listened to people say, ‘I’m looking for Misfortune. O, there you are!”

Yet many walk around today with such names either given by their own thoughts, the word of others, or their circumstances. Names like- Unloved, Unworthy, Mistake, Failure, Alone, Unsocial, Good-for-Nothing.

Years ago, my sister legally changed her name so her maiden name became her middle name. I’m so thankful God is in the renaming business too. He changed Saul to Paul, Abram to Abraham, and Jacob to Israel. When we go to God and he redeems us, he renames us. When God calls to us it isn’t with one of the loser names above. He calls us My Child, My Redeemed, My Beloved. I think that last one may be my favorite.


Such strong affection and love is conveyed through this name. I love how the old King James Version translates this verse-

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” Song of Solomon 6:3

Feeling loved? I hope so because you are! Me too! So let us go out today not holding onto the names of misfortune but to the new names God has given us, especially Beloved. Our mistakes don’t name us. Neither do our circumstances or our pasts. We are loved by the God of this universe and bear the name Beloved not because we have earned it but because he has lavished it upon us.

Lord, my Beloved, you overwhelm me by your love! I’m not worthy but you have called me Beloved. Help me to walk in my new name today and encourage others to do the same. Amen!

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