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After much time and effort I’ve finally reached the point where I can run about 3 miles. O, the time is slow and I sometimes need to walk briefly about half way through but I’m getting there.

Then came allergies.

After all that work to build up my strength, this respiratory mess swooped in this week to zap my strength. When Gary gave me for Christmas tickets to Hawaii, I became focused on increasing my fitness level in order to make the most of the trip so I worked to build my endurance. As the coughing, drainage, and sinus pressure started, I couldn’t help but be frustrated with the timing. Yet reading the words of David this morning makes me wonder if the timing may be better than I thought.

For you see, my level of greatest strength isn’t all that strong. My source of strength is not found in my efforts.

“The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.” Psalm 29:11

My greatest strength isn’t built by hours of exercise but by being God’s girl, by being God’s people. He gives me strength. He givers me peace, peace this world doesn’t understand but so desperately seeks.

So am I happy to be coughing up a lung or feeling my ear pop from the pressure? No! Thanks to a doctor, a steroid shot, and antibiotics, I will soon board the plane knowing my greatest strength comes from being God’s. O, I’ll keep exercising and caring for this body and giving God the praise and glory for being my strength and peace.

Lord, when I’m brought down by circumstances or sickness, I’m reminded my strength is indeed small. I’m reminded you are my strength. You are what I need most, your strength, and your peace. Guide me in your ways. Teach me your truths. Be my strength! Help me encourage others to seek the true source of strength. Amen!

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