My meditations

From the moment my eyes open until sleep finds me again, my mind is running full speed ahead. My thoughts hop about frequently from supper ideas to how to teach a concept to an errand I need to run to something involving our children. Hop- Hop- Hop!

In our Sunday School class we have been studying communication in marriage. The author describes women’s thought processes as spaghetti. Everything is connected and we jump back and forth often. So true! The author describes men’s thoughts as waffles. They like to get into one of the little boxes on the waffle and focus on one thing at a time. So true! Neither is wrong, just different yet understanding our differences helps us be better communicators.

Regardless of how our thought processes roll out, we all have a large number of thoughts run through our minds each day. A verse in Psalms has me pausing this morning to think about my thinking.

“May my meditation be pleasing to Him as I rejoice in the Lord.” Psalm 104:35

I could take meditation to be just the time I open my Bible, read a devotion, or go to church. But I think of meditation in a broader sense extending to all my thoughts causing me to ask- do my thoughts please God? Some, yes, but too many would be no.

Lord, change me from the inside out beginning with my thinking. Even though others can’t read my mind (thank you for that!), you can and I want to be found pleasing to You. Help me shut down the ungodly thoughts and be more focused on honoring You in everything from lesson planning to communicating with my spouse. When the wrong thoughts enter my mind today, bring this verse back to mind. May my meditations today be pleasing to You. Amen


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