More than bread

Should I go this direction or that? Be involved with this group or not? Should I be doing more to move forward in a certain direction or waiting?

Restlessness recently settled over me leading me to reflect, ask questions, and wonder about the direction to head. In response God reminded me of a vital truth, a truth reverberated in Job 23.

My purpose and passion should be about seeking after God. My job is not to open or shut doors, to decide what I should do FOR God. I am to run after Him- spend time with God, get to know his heart by reading the Word, communicate with Him in prayer, spend time worshiping with other believers in a church, and serving others with a grateful heart. God will take care of setting my course, opening doors and preparing my heart.

When I read Job’s words this morning, my heart cried out, ‘Yes, Lord!”

“I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread.” Job 23: 12

I may not have taken a bite of bread yet this morning but I’m well into my first mug of coffee. Soon I’ll throw a breakfast sandwich in the microwave and be off to work. I’ll get my daily bread soon but Lord I want for more.

God, You are the bread I hunger for, the Living Water that quenches my thirst, and the treasure I hunt for. Teach my heart your truths and help me focus on what’s most important- sitting at your feet in worship. May I learn to be still and know you are God! You alone are my treasure! Amen

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