making plans

Over the weekend, my husband invested hours to ensure we have reservations for a particular campground. Plans are now set!

Last evening I spent much time deciding the best route for renting a car for an upcoming trip. Finally, plans are made!

Our state’s teacher retirement system is looking at major changes. Being close to retiring, I’ve been asked by many my plans. My plans are uncertain as I await the plan from legislators.

Plans! Plans! Plans! I’m either following them, making them, or settled on them. Some are easy to make and others I agonize over. Which is the right path? What if I choose wrong?

A verse in Proverbs speaks to my plans-

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” – Proverbs 19:21

This verse brings me peace. I can continue planning but know flexibility will be needed as God brings about his purpose. I love that I can research, study, and pray over the plans I make yet rest assured I cannot mess up God’s purpose.

After all, God is a planner too. His first mention of a Redeemer came in Genesis 3 hundreds of years before Jesus was born. Throughout the Old Testament, God gives hints on what was to come. Revelations gives a glimpse of God’s future plans. Since God is a planner, he made us to be planners too. So plan on I will, confident God’s purpose will prevail.

Lord, thank you for planning for my salvation and redemption. I’m excited to see what your future plans hold. Now please guide me as I map out my days and years. May your purpose always prevail. Amen

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