Make a difference

One person can make a difference. Yes, I mean even you and even me! Yet too often we downplay the influence and power we have to help others. The question shouldn’t begin with ‘whether’ but with ‘how’. How will we use our positions- in our families, at work, and in our communities- to make a difference in this world for Christ?

Hezekiah came to the throne of Judah at a low point in their history. His father Ahaz completely turned from God even to the point of closing the temple and placing altars to pagan gods throughout the land. At Ahaz’s death, Hezekiah’s reign began.

Hezekiah could have followed in the shoes of his father, but he didn’t. The new king at 25 years of age decided a change was needed across the land and he used his position to usher it in. He brought in the priests and Levites to open and clean out the temple, he invited not only the people of Judah but Israel also back to worship God, and he reinstituted the Passover in such a way that hadn’t been celebrated since the days of Solomon.

Hezekiah went all out not only in trying to serve God himself but also in trying to help his people find their way back to God.

I’m not a king, or rather a queen. My influence and power are not like that of Hezekiah but I can still make a difference. You can too! It doesn’t matter what we come from, remember Hezekiah’s father was very ungodly. It doesn’t matter the level of our influence, just how we choose to use it. It doesn’t matter if we change the whole world or just the whole world for one person, the work will be worth it.

Lord, help me to make a difference today. Build in me a servant’s heart that seeks to serve others. Grow a love in me that overflows to those I come in contact with. Help me bring a smile and a lighter load for someone today. Amen

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