The Local Church

The time for the cake walk had come but no music was ready. I was working on the tech set up for the upcoming movie so I just moved a speaker & the sound box down and plugged into my iPhone. The big question was which artist? Somehow I don’t think Toby Mac would have fit but then I found Etta James singing old hymns and the walkers were walking! When the last cake cleared the table, the older gentleman working the music expressed how much he loved using the iPhone system.

We had a busy, action packed day with worship in the morn and our big annual community outreach event- the fall festival all afternoon. Yet the day just confirmed how much I love my local church! Our church isn’t perfect for we are filled with imperfect people with differing views, personalities, and preferences. We come from different backgrounds and different stages of life yet create a beautiful blend. Some of my best friends our in our church while some others I hardly know.

As I drove home last night tired from the day, I reflected on our church and THE church. Yes, God created us for fellowship with him but he also made us for fellowship with other Christians. That fellowship is so we can encourage each other forward in our Christian walk, pray for each other, and work together to further God’s kingdom. I love those moments on Sunday mornings when we as a group worship God in song. What joy it brings to my heart to enter His presence with our corporate worship! How my soul is energized by the efforts of so many believers when we work to share the love of Jesus like we did yesterday afternoon. The church never shines brighter than when we work hand in hand to carry our Jesus’ Great Commission!

For those involved in local churches, I urge you to pause and thank God for them! Lift up your fellow church-goers. Reflect on the role you play and ask God to guide you in it.

For those who think you can walk the Christian path fine without the church, I encourage you to pray about it then check out the Word. Over and over God encourages us in the Bible to be in fellowship with both Him and the church. By the way, there isn’t a perfect church to be found… and even if there was I wouldn’t fit in with them anyway because of my imperfections! Yet though we gather as imperfect and messed up sinners, we together serve and worship a perfect God- so check it out!

Lord, thank you for our local church and for THE church. I am so blessed by this community of flawed believers! The words David wrote in Psalms 122:1 ring so true in my heart so let me end with them-house of God

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