Like the ark

arkReading through the specifics and purpose of the Ark first mentioned in Exodus 25 that would play a major role in the history of the Hebrews, inspire many archeologists, and be the focus of one of the Indian Jones movies, I kept thinking of how we as Christians are like the ark in three ways…

First, the ark was made of wood. Wood that if left over time would decay and rot. But God told Moses not to leave it as bare wood… he was to overlay and inlay the wood with pure gold. As humans, we are like the bare wood that decays and rots. Then God takes our wood and covers us with the gold of the gospel message of salvation. Amazing!

Second, into the ark Moses was to put something special…

“Put in the ark the Testimony, which I will give you.’ Exodus 25:21


As Christians, we all have a testimony given to us by God for his glory. For some, that testimony includes how God has rescued from addictions and shady pasts. For others, the testimony is about how God strengthen them to make better choices. No matter how we see our story, God has given us a testimony- a testimony of how he has worked in and for us.

Third, over the ark of the Testimony, God placed a gold cover with cherubim detailed in the design. It was there above the cover that God said he would meet with Moses. God after saving us and filling us with his testimony covers us with mercies that are new every morning. Because of his great love, mercy, and grace, he meets with us too through prayer, the Word, and worship.

To the Hebrews all those centuries ago, the Ark represented the presence of God in their nation. Today, we don’t need an outward ark because inside of us is the Spirit of God… WE are the ark of his testimony!

Thank you, Lord, for this thought you led me to this morning. Thank you for taking this flawed and imperfect gal and covering her with salvation- a gift far more valuable that pure gold! Thank you for filling me with your testimony and covering me with your grace, love and mercy! I am so very blessed! Help me to help others see how blessed they could be by following you! Amen!

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